20 Juli 2011

My blog is three years old

Three years ago, I decided to create a blog for the first time. This was because, I had read an article by a friend of mine. He always described his experiences & about the things that had happened to him. At the time, I too, wanted to convey my knowledge in a media blog. Therefore, I wrote about "What steps Should be taken for students majoring in Computer Studies (Indonesian version)." It's quite straightfoward to understand in my blog. In fact, I've always enjoyed expressing my knowledge & life experiences. 

Soon after, I created my own blog. Also, very interested in political news, information technology, economics, movies etc. 

Some of my friends mentioned, I was having difficulty creating a blog.This was partly because I was having a little difficulty expressing myself in media blogging. There is so much in my brain, that I wish to express. LOL 

I replied "If you wish to create a blog, you must create the easiest, then you'll be able to create & develop more confidently as time goes on". Personally, my blog took a little more time & naturally became easier as I wrote. 

Currently my blog has entered the age of three years. Hopefully this blog has offered value & benefit to my readers. So far, I've enjoyed creating my blog with the English version. I also anticipate, that I can be understood by readers from other countries.

Have a nice day

Best regards,

Ram Syamsul Yulias, S.Kom

Special thanks to Becki faulin, you've been read my blog

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